Coastline inspired packaging
for an organic suncare brand

Born on the edge of the Mediterranean, the sea and the sun have an essential place in my heart and my life. My very first memories are all made of sand and of whole mornings playing on the beach. But I also remember being able to observe a lot of corals and fishes when I was younger. And every year, I clearly observe the marine life deteriorating when I go diving. "Solecito" (in Spanish: "little sun") is a personal project born from my desire to offer natural and organic sun care products, environmentally respectful and safe both for our oceans and our skins.

In addition to a very strong identity that stood out on the shelves of the sun cares, Solecito packagings play with coastline shapes and colors to offer two sun care depending of the time of the day. A SPF 50 suncream when the sun is rising, and a after-sun moisturizer at night.