Archetype book

The Archetype is the voice of a great collaboration created through words, concepts, ideas, thoughts, images and emotions. More than one hundred professionals of design collaborated with their personal visions in different design areas, specific artworks and essays to tell the reality of our professions and create an unique book. 

Project made by Atelier for the OFFF Festival 2016 Barcelona
Published by OFFF
Art direction by Natalie Melville
Cover by Sawdust
Printed by Impressus in Barcelona


The Archetype is a mix between a classical dictionary and its alphabetical order and an inspirational design book. It includs essays, specific artworks inspired by Carl Jung’s archetypes and never before seen content.

Group 3Group 3
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As in a classical dictionary, the capital letters organize the book in alphabetical order. We created a symbol for each letter, following the graphic and creative direction of the whole book.

Group 4Group 4
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For the covers of each category, we created metaphoric sentences related to those specific areas of the design world. We wanted to build emotional and poetical sentences that create the statement of the Archetype book when they are put together.

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